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spring 2013 – retrospective

In the past couple of years the lion’s share of my music has been written for ensembles that require a conductor (see Tropical Depression, Aromates chasseurs, his recursive heroine). In light of this I have become interested in reconnecting with … Continue reading

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Tropical Depression

Tropical Depression Tropical Depression, 2012 – Ensemble Modelo62 Written for Ensemble Modelo62 between 2011 and 2012. Tropical Depression is tumultuous piece that refers to the strength of an overall conflict. There is a lot of internal struggle within this piece … Continue reading

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Aromates chasseurs

Aromates chasseurs

This piece was composed for the New European Ensemble and the Kroumata Percussion Ensemble.

Musically this piece explores connections between pitched and non-pitched percussive sounds as well as other instrumental sonorities. This piece used the sounds of a number of ordinary household-materials and placed them into a musical context that was quite out-the-ordinary. In turn, related percussive and pitched timbres were combined with well-crafted counterpoint, varied textures and a flowing gestural language chiefly characterized by a scheme of microtonal pitch-multiples. Continue reading

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Mount Demographic

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octagonal boom

Octagonal Boom, 2009: for the Nieuw Ensemble Octagonal-Boom Programme Notes: 21 is not a lonely number, and octagons typically have little to do with music. Boom, however, is a word with expectations. But keep in mind that when I was … Continue reading

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Monolith Passing

Monolith Passing – 2009 Monolith Passing was composed for string quartet, two percussionists, euphonium, and two-loudspeakers (with pre-recorded audio). monolithpassing Written in the autumn of 2009, the featured recording of this piece is the premiere which took place at Het … Continue reading

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His Recursive Heroine

His Recursive Heroine, 2011: For Sinfonietta / commissioned by Het Gelders Orkers HRH-longsample This piece was commissioned by Het Gelders Orkest in 2010 and was completed in 2011. It was performed several times in the Netherlands in March of 2011. … Continue reading

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2014-07 | 2006 →  Please note that more and more of my scores are becoming officially available here. Large Ensemble _____________ Small Ensemble _____________ Solo / Duo _____________ Vocal _____________ Theatre _____________ Near Enough to Installation

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News and Upcoming Events posted videos from The Duke of Green can be seen below: full recording can be listened to here. ————— PAST 09/12/2014: Brunel University, London, UK. A recent collaboration with bass clarinetist, Marij van Gorkom, was presented … Continue reading

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Graham Flett is a composer adept at writing music for a large variety of musical situations. He has written for numerous groups within Europe, Canada and the U.S.A and has established a repertoire of pieces for small and large ensembles, … Continue reading

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