amaize’infrills – 2008 (dedicated to the corn in my hair)

With special thanks to Germaine Sijstermans.

amaize’infrills-demo 1

The following 20 mp3 files will need to be acquired (from me) and then put onto an mp3 player of some kind:

ascorbic acid | citric acid | cornpops | creamed corn |
dextrose | diglycerides | fructose | glucose syrup |
HCFS | lecithan | lysine | malodextrin | modified starch |
mono-glycerides | MSG | polysols, for the caramel colour |
triglycerides | unmodified starch | xanthum gum | zea mays |

The diligent performer, or slightly obsessive one, will then familiarize themselves with all the nuances of each track over several hours of easy-listening (the typical performer will likely not to go to this amount of trouble). Personally, I always wanted this piece to be played in or in front of a supermarket.

In case you hadn’t managed to decipher it, the majority of the audio was recorded in a grocery store (‘no frills’ – Toronto, Ontario), the remaining audio was recorded in a corn-field in the Quinte area (again, Ontario). There are also a few bleeps added by myself to fill out the texture of the piece. The clarinetist is presented with a maze of options in the score and whatever random selection that’s made by the mp3 player.

copyright 2008, Graham Flett, all rights reserved.

Graham Flett

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