Monolith Passing

Monolith Passing – 2009

Juan MartinezMonolith Passing was composed for string quartet, two percussionists, euphonium, and two-loudspeakers (with pre-recorded audio).


Written in the autumn of 2009, the featured recording of this piece is the premiere which took place at Het Nutshuis, in Den Haag on November 8th.

The conception of the piece has much to do with a slow progression through the harmonic series. A slow moving chorale illustrates this while audio from 2 large speakers periodically exhibits a sub-harmonic relationship mirroring the same idea. The percussion, spaced throughout a large concert hall, balances the organization of the speakers while the euphonium player, who gradually moves between these two well-defined points in the space, illustrates a simple theatrical gesture unfolding over the course of the entire piece.

the intense setup


String Quartet:Louella Alatiit, Hollas Longton, Estela Briceno Mezquita, Lise Pechenart

Horn: Ingi Gardar Erlendsson

Percussion: Juan Martinez, Aldo Aranda.

copyright 2009, Graham Flett, all rights reserved