octagonal boom

Octagonal Boom, 2009: for the Nieuw Ensemble

octagonal number


Programme Notes:

21 is not a lonely number, and octagons typically have little to do with music. Boom, however, is a word with expectations. But keep in mind that when I was 21, I went sailing and repeatedly I had to watch out for the swing of the ‘boom’ every time we would tack. Furthermore, penurious reactions to grand “supercycles” make me say, “get me out of this bust and back to the boom”…. heavens, what a reality. “May you live in interesting times…”, and I do, because inevitably, larger decrees and long-term precessions leave me spinning, moving very fast, vacillating between being at peace and at odds with these minor motions of control.

Composed between 2008 and 2009, this piece was part of the Nieuw Ensemble’s workshop which was centred around the theme of, ‘exploring form’. This piece became primarily focused about representing changing relationships of harmonic speed throughout a structured rhythmic process. Despite this strong organization, the material is  freely treated, often articulating a series of animated gestures or more static textural moments.

GF – 2010