spring 2013 – retrospective

In the past couple of years the lion’s share of my music has been written for ensembles that require a conductor (see Tropical Depression, Aromates chasseurs, his recursive heroine).

In light of this I have become interested in reconnecting with smaller ensembles, even ones such as the piano trio, which have a substantial amount of historical baggage. This led me to apply and eventually take part in Soundstreams’ Composer Workshop (Toronto, Canada). I did this primarily because I felt that the workshop would provide a good chance to work collaboratively with one of Canada’s esteemed chamber groups, the Gryphon Trio.

The music in this post is essentially a collage of an hour long rehearsal. In this rehearsal everything was recorded. However, I recently revisited the recording and listened to the rehearsal. Hearing the recording of my sketches was helpful, but I was equally taken with the high-quality of banter and insights offered up by many of the participants as well as some of the curious and haphazard sound-events that were documented.

While I listened to this hour of audio, I began to cut and paste various moments together, sometimes repeating them or altering them from time to time, as well as augmenting them with some generated sounds (noises and little chirps, etc.) The result of this collage is a humorous account of the workshop and I also think it offers a certain commentary about the nature of these types of rehearsals and certain characteristics about the process of composers and musicians working together.

Of course, I apologize for not notifying any of the people who are featured in this collage before making it and posting it. But then again, I was given the audio and no one said what I could and couldn’t do with it.

My finished piece for piano trio will be performed sometime in 2014 as part of Soundstreams’ Salon 21 series. More details on this at another time.

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