Velocity of Texture

Velocity of Texture

In 2003 I made a limited release of this album of electronic music It received some international (German) airplay. It also made my day to learn that the track “Baroquen Down Beat-box” was the first track on of of the last episodes of Brave New Waves (which was a late night radio show that I sort of grew up on). Below is a list of all the tracks on the album as well as a review which was published in Canada’s !Exclaim magazine.

Baroquen Down Beat-box – BaroquenDownBeatBox

A Cubist’s Videogame

New House : Old Shoes

This Craft is Going to the Countryside

Ten Minutes to the Dinosaur Ride

Slowly Revealing John

One Night in the Kingdom of the Blind, parts I, II, III


By Philip Downey – (!Exclaim Magazinge, 2003)

Graham Flett presents us with a diverse collection of samples taken from around the world, mixed with his own beats, then processed and treated in a variety of ways. “The Cubist’s Videogame” is typical in its incorporation of Armenian folks songs, Harry Partch’s modern classical pieces, and some of Flett’s own work. The samples aren’t really recognisable, due to their brevity and obscurity. Flett, who is a music student at York University, gives his tracks a wide variety of textures, even though the samples and percussion loops often sound similar. They vary from the ethnic drumming of “This Craft is Going to the Countryside” to the icily minimal “Baroquen Down Beat Box.” A few of the tracks have an improvised feel, in the sense that we rarely know what to expect and are taken by surprise when things change drastically in instrumentation or mood. There are some beautiful moments, especially from the flutes and strings in the neo-classical “Ten Minutes to the Dinosaur Ride.” The album finishes with the three-part “One-Night in the Kingdom of the Blind,” a kind of short symphony. It varies wildly in content, from throat singing to guitars and ambient drones. Flett’s work certainly shows promise. Fans of the avant-garde should take note. (Independent)