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Selected Earlier Works

Note: In the future I will be getting around to adding samples and more information about these pieces.

Large Ensemble

into a mass of air – for de ereprijs ensemble sample
11 Minutes for Orchestra

Small Ensemble

Vicissitudes  – for Array Music (cln, trmp, perc, c.bass)
Within Obscure Cities | in the Ageing World (vln, trmp, trmb, marimba, vlc)
Music for vibraphone, guitar and bass

Solo or Duo

Burnt Norton (oboe and soprano)
Erratic Forecast: {Shudder | Low | Shook} — (accordion and bass clarinet)
Prions on the Prairie (piano and percussion)
Autonomous Stride (flute and guitar)
Stratus and Shale (solo alto flute)
Childish Prolixity (solo piano)
Cicada’s Nocturne (violin and electronics)
Spotting Cassiopeia (two percussion)
Graffiti Poem: {both its eyes | and too large} — (piano and alto saxophone)

Bands / Albums

Graham Flett County
Velocity of Texture