The Musical Assassin

The Musical Assassin

A mimetic knack once led me to be called a musical assassin.

With this in mind I am developing a budding portfolio of non-art music. Essentially functional music for film, television, video-games, web related stuff and other potential uses. Presently I am working with limited samples (Logic Pro 9.1.8) so these examples here are primarily to showcase my compositional technique, stylistic diversity and ability to work quite fast.


Pattiserie: Short, Small Ensemble, Pensive, Nostalgic,
alla Amélie Poulain.


Song for Ron: Sports Anthem / TV Show, Short, Punchy, Driving, Big Band,
in the spirit of Dolores Claman.
(originally conceived for the CBC Hockey Night in Canada theme song contest)


Chance Meeting
Chance Meeting: Short, romantic, reminiscent.


Crossing the Road for Turkish Pizza: Short, Orchestral, Suspenseful, Dramatic,
slight Danny Elfmann character


Cocktails in the Black LodgeCocktails in the Black Lodge:Very short, Lounge, Mellow, Chill. Jazz-Trio.
alla Angelo Badalamenti (Twin Peaks) and Bill Evans


What’s Going to Happen: Very short, Suspenseful, Driving, Energetic
alla that type of thing you’ve heard (and not paid much attention to) in so many movies and television programs.