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Aromates chasseurs

Aromates chasseurs

This piece was composed for the New European Ensemble and the Kroumata Percussion Ensemble.

Musically this piece explores connections between pitched and non-pitched percussive sounds as well as other instrumental sonorities. This piece used the sounds of a number of ordinary household-materials and placed them into a musical context that was quite out-the-ordinary. In turn, related percussive and pitched timbres were combined with well-crafted counterpoint, varied textures and a flowing gestural language chiefly characterized by a scheme of microtonal pitch-multiples. Continue reading

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Graham Flett is a diverse composer who has written for numerous groups within Europe, Canada, and the USA. He has established a repertoire of pieces for small and large ensembles, including compositions for vocalists, bands, soloists, film and theatre, operetta … Continue reading

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